Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NDC: John Mahama as Ghana's new action man

Following Atta-Mills' death the NDC had the challenge of re-branding themselves and selling their new flag bearer, John Mahama, to the public. 

NDC first released posters mourning Mills' death, vigorously followed by freshly printed campaign posters of Mahama which have been plastered across Accra and beyond. 

As shown in the photos below NDC's tactic has been to suggest the continuity that John Mahama (Mills' VP) represents, as well as trying to promote his image as Ghana's new man of action. Young, articulate, and easy on the eye, the NDC have had a pretty easy job of selling their new candidate. 

Billboard of John Atta-Mills handing over the baton to John Mahama (Osu, Accra).

Billboard of Mahama- Man of Action! (North Airport Residential, Accra) 

Next up: NPP billboards... 

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  1. great personalty these are. in election days i get every update from Ghana Radio